About The W Company

The W Company is an independent Global Marketing and Advertising agency that was established in 2017. Before moving to our offices, the founding members conducted meetings and strategize the company plans in coffee shops.

We provide local, regional and international promotional expertise to organizations, governments, corporations and businesses of all sectors.
With an experienced team and international connections, we build the proper strategies to achieve your marketing goals and created the needed awareness.

Approaching any business challenge with a strategic mindset aim at providing a catered solution for brands based on their target audience and business objectives.

The purpose of our name

The folds and wrinkles of The W Company bring to mind another human organ: The Brain. The shape of the nut even approximates the body part, looking like it has left and right hemispheres. The left hemisphere is more academic, and the right one is more artistic. All in all, left-brain thinkers are logical, rational and organized right-brain dominance motivates creativity, imagination and artistry.

The W Company combines the two sides of the brain to ensure complete functional effectiveness with a Global mindset.

A cultural relevance

Everything starts with a need. So, to ensure that our services meet those needs, we make certain to bring cultural relevance to our work, by understanding each client’s unique business.

Together we strive

We coordinate with our customers on a daily basis as a result there will be continuous up-to-date information about the progress of work in order to ensure that the object is delivered on time and quality.

We love doing what we do

Each one of our people – from geeks to creatives – are passionate about what they do. To them its much more than a task it’s a passion.

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The W Holding Companies are: Walnut Global, Whiteboard, and The W Company.