About Botan Tuna

A healthy source of nutrition, tuna are mainly found in the world's warmer oceans. Tuna fish can sometimes grow to a huge size (up to 700kg). Their meaty flesh is distinctively flaky and firm with a rich and strong flavour and that is why tuna have high oil content. A tuna is mainly sold as steaks. Since it dries out within a couple of minutes, it should be cooked very briefly over a high heat. However, it must be marinated before cooking or simmered in a sauce.

The Challenge

The canned tuna market in Saudi Arabia is very segmented and price driven. Customers in general make their buying choice based on price and promos as they are not aware of the differences that exist between tuna brands and variants.

The brief from the marketing team at OKAM centered around coming up with communication material which will highlight the product's superior quality and create unique differentiation for it.

The Result

The team came up with the communication strategy, brand positioning, and brand direction. Based on that, a storyboard which would showcase the product in a premium setting was created.

This was further shown through the video demonstrating various usage for the tuna in pasta dishes, plain dishes and salads. The team supervised the video production and ensured the achievement of a high-quality asset.

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